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Friday, June 4, 2010

Giveaway: lola ( Teal Skirt for the Unique Girl)

With amazing fashion designs that have wonderful details, lola has the perfect summer ensemble for you. Pictured above is one of their great designs called "Teal Skirt for the Unique Girl". Thanks to lola, Mint Green with Envy readers will have a chance to win this skirt. Here are the details of this skirt as mentioned on the lola Etsy shop listing:

Spacial wrap mini skirt, its made of light colored cotton Denim, and old buttons that I colored.I love this skirt, the asymmetrical shape compliments the body, and the colors just makes me happy :)

available in 3 sizes:
S- low waist 31.5"
M- low waist 33.8"
L- low waist 36.2"length - 15.8"

* The colors can be slightly different from the picture.
* HAND WASH only.

Deal for Mint Green With Envy Readers!
Use the coupon code 'MINTGREENENVY' to save 10% off purchases made through lola's etsy shop!

One winner will receive a Teal Skirt for the Unique Girl from lola ($69 Value)

To Enter: Click This

Goodluck Everyone!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pam Robinson of cooljewelrydesign + Giveaway!

From: Jewerly by Solange

Introdcing Pam Robinson of cooljewelrydesign

How did you come up with the name of your shop?

Several years ago I sold sterling silver jewelry...I would hunt down quirky and elegant pieces. Often I was asked from people who knew I was in the jewelry biz: "what kind of jewelry do you sell" My response was always, without blinking... "cool." My business name at that time was actually cooljewelry. When I began making it myself, "that" name was taken here at Etsy, and so I had to add "design" at the end. (There are several variations of this name "out" there...but I am all lower case and run together.)
Tell us a little about your craft –What do you do/make?

I refer to my personal style as eclectic edgy “random chaos” and I craft OOAK (one of a kind) jewelry very similar to how I cook—the recipe is often tweaked to the point of no recipe being followed—therefore, a very intuitive process. I love to work with color and texture and enjoy pairing the most unusual suspects together, often in an asymmetrical style.
When and how did you start creating?

About 3 years ago I enthusiastically attended what I hoped would be a really great beginner class. It morphed into nothing but a coffee klatch and so I decided to teach myself.
Did someone teach you?
Just me
What is the most difficult part of your craft?
Applying the brakes when it comes to making final color choices. (you would have to live inside my head to understand perhaps)
Tell us about your workspace-Where do you create?
Finally about 3 months ago I had a sitting room converted into a studio—still unorganized. But I have a killer 1890’s Belgian chest where “most” of my stuff can reside.
Where do you find your inspiration?
I love to color and texture match on sunny days, allowing the natural light to guide me. The actual stones, beads, and findings inspire me—they even YELL sometimes…”hey, look at ME!”
Do you have a favorite item in your shop that you just can’t bear to part with?

I “did” have a favorite bracelet and so it’s among my “inactive” items…I may drag it back into the shop in the fall.
What has been your best marketing technique?
In person: do not try to over-sell; people really know what they want. Otherwise, I don’t have one particular marketing technique—I do the social networking and just hope I am not bugging the life out of people. Planning to offer a really “sweet” deal to past clients in the form of a “private” sale, not Etsy-wide.
What’s your supply addiction?
Hands down…lampwork and really cool clasps.
hat other hobbies/crafts do you enjoy?
Traveling, cooking
Is there a craft that you'd love to learn?
I would sooo love to learn some aspects of metal smithing…was just thinking about that on the way to work. (Maybe in my next life)
hat are some of your favorite things to do outside of etsy?
Hang out with friends, movies, Criminal Minds
Tell everyone a random fact about you:
I love animals and also psycho killer shows like Criminal Minds…I want to come back in the next life as a profiler (who makes jewelry, of course)!
Where can we find your work?
Esty: cooljewelrydesign & cooljewelryjr
ICraft: cooljewelrydesign
ArtFire: cooljewelrydesign
Facebook (FAN page is under “Account” top right…. cooljewelrydesign and cooljewelryjr): coolerstuff
Blog (come and visit—I need friends and need to work on the blog): cooljewelrydesign


This Giveaway is opened WORLWIDE / all ages & will start June 1 2010 & End on June 15th @ 12noon Est Time.

Pam from cooljewelrydesign has decided to award 1 LUCKY WINNER a Mainstram type of Necklace called "SALUTE"

($39.00 Value)

To enter: Click This

Goodluck Everyone!

Mrs. Fields Father’s Day Giveaway

Boy, oh boy, was I invited to a fun event in Utah a few days ago. I had no idea that the Mrs. Fields’ headquarters, containing everything from the marketing to the shipping, was just down the street from me!

Image Via Beautiful Kami from NoBiggie.net

Who doesn’t love a warm Mrs. Fields brownie or cookie while shopping in the mall? That’s where I usually buy my Mrs. Fields treats and I also love sending our grandmothers Mrs. Fields gift boxes through their online shop. Now I can tell them their packages are made just a few minutes away from where we live.


All of us bloggers were invited to learn more about the packaged gift side of Mrs. Fields, tour their facility, learn more about the different products and decorate our own cookie pie! Their gifts you purchase online can be shipped all over the country and are perfect for any occasion: sympathy, graduation, birthdays, get-well gifts or any special day!

Check out these adorable monogrammed cookies they made for my personal blog, INeverGrewUp.net—wouldn’t these be perfect for baby showers, weddings, company parties? And they taste quite yummy to boot!

Another really fun thing I learned is Mrs. Fields has a blog, a GOOD blog. We all know “other” companies’ blogs can be kind of lame, but not this one! The lady behind the blog does a fabulous job with recipes, baking tips, gifting tips and fun advice; this is a blog to add to your reader right now.

I was blown away by the efficiency, warmth, cleanliness, staff and precision of how every single aspect of Mrs. Fields is run. This is a company I am happy to support. Because lots of our readers DO live in Utah I wanted to mention they offer tours and have a great gift shop, ice cream shop AND outlet stores (at pretty awesome outlet prices, believe me) right here in Utah. Here is their contact info:

Mrs Fields Factory

1717 South 4800 West, Salt Lake City


But now to the fabulous part: Mrs. Fields has been gracious enough to let us host a Father’s Day Giveaway! They are going to let the winner pick their choice of these three Father’s Day Gift options:

Cookie Caddy (Retail) $74.99

DAD’s Trio Box (Retail) $49.99

Tackle Box & Treats (Retail) $49.99

To enter: Click This

Goodluck Everyone!

Birthday Giveaway: Jewelry from Spain!

From wild and precious

I'm so excited to be celebrating my 26th birthday with my blog readers by hosting my first international giveaway! Sweet Susana, from beautiful Madrid is giving away an item from her shop (winner's choice!) Odalisca Jewelry Design. Susana is so talented and kind -- she is even sending me my very own awesome necklace from her shop as a birthday gift. Love her!

spain giveaway
Isn't this stuff awesome?! Here's how to win:


Goodluck Everyone!

One Year Older - Birthday Giveaway!

Isn't it funny how in each society different ages hold different meaning and landmarks for us. As a teenager turning thirteen is a big deal because in your mind you are no longer a "child". At sixteen you are definitely cooler than you were at the coveted thirteen. At eighteen you have the legal right to do whatever you wish with no need for parental consent or approval. The oh so popular twenty one where alcohol flows forth endlessly and "freedom" is a consolidated word phrase for "it just loosens me up and makes everything easy?" Then it starts to get serious around twenty five. You are either happy with the path you have chosen and are embarking on ever more present responsibilities and goals with the tools and wisdom you have gained, or you are slightly freaking out because you still have no direction and you wonder if you are the only one stuck in time with no defined rhyme or reason as to why you are doing whatever it is you are doing. Yeah, the later would be me, and here is where I insert the customary "LOL." But, at twenty five I was NOT "laughing out loud", more like SOL, and I no I don't mean "*!&# out of luck"! More like "sobbing out loud." I look at that moment now and I laugh. My parents and wiser friends consoled me and made me realize that while society provides us with predetermined lines of what success and accomplishment are, only I can measure what my success is.

Now I can't comment on thirty (steadily approaching) or forty, fifty or sixty. But I look forward to reaching those "landmarks" with ease and the unwavering confidence that no matter what happens, as long as I have faith, patience, love and understanding, they will be greater than the landmark that came before!

So, after your patience during that rambling, I would like to reward you with a giveaway. From today until June 9th at midnight I am holding a Birthday Giveaway! For this giveaway the winner will receive a pair of my Hammered Hearts SS earrings and, AND, a $10.00 gift certificate to be used in my shop Shaped By Hand!

To enter:


Goodluck Everyone!

Giveaway: Jewelry by Solange ("Shattered" Pendant)

From: Mint Green With Envy

Jewelry by Solange has beautiful jewelry designs that are creative and unique. Pictured above is one of her designs called "Shattered" it is a Freshwater Pearl, Black Diamond Swarovski Crystals Handmade Hammered Sterling Silver Pendant. One winner will receive this beautiful pendant thanks to Jewelry by Solange. Here are the details of this pendant as listed on Jewelry by Solange's Etsy shop:


Shattered has been made with Black Diamond Swarovski crystals & 9mm Black Freshwater Pearls Semi-round Grade A. This pendant has been handmade, hammered/textured, swirled and wire wrapped by my fingers.

I have attached a 7mm Sterling Silver jump ring big enough to put a ribbon, cord or chain through it. (Chain Not Included)

Measures: 2.4803 inches long including jump ring (63mm)

One winner will receive a "Shattered" Pendant from Jewelry by Solange ($25.50 Value)

To Enter: Click This

Goodluck Everyone!

Giveaway: morelle ( Mini Truffle in Yellow)

From: Minty Green With Envy

You can find beautifully handcrafted handbags at morelle, a fantastic etsy shop. Their designs are unique and fashionable. The Mini Truffle in Yellow (pictured above) will be given away to one lucky Mint Green With Envy winner! Here are the details of this bag as described on their etsy site:

The mini truffle is just a tad shorted than the regular sized truffle. It's a beautiful medium sized bag with just the right amount of ruffles. It's the perfect size for an everyday bag!

---- Materials ----
* The mini truffle is made from top quality Italian leather in yellow. The leather is naturally tanned using vegetable dyes and the surface is finished without the application of chemicals. It is strong, very soft to touch and has a wonderful natural grain.

* Heavy brass rings connect the bag with the strap. The strap is sewn to the bag and is also held by brass decorative rivets.

* The bag closes with a YKK zipper. All zippers used are YKK with brass sliders. * The bag is lined with resistant cotton in beige.

---- Measurements ----

12" (31 cm) across the opening (11" / 28 cm zipper opening)
13" (33 cm) in height (including depth height)
5" / 13 cm depth13" (34 cm) across the bottom The drop down length of the straps is 9.8" (25 cm).

---- Additional Info ----

* There is a zippered pocket inside the bag and a cell-phone pocket made from leather. There is also a large zippered pocket that separates the inside of the bag.

* The mini truffle also comes in a large size* Colors are approximate as they may have slight variations from screen to screen.

One winner will receive a Mini Truffle in Yellow handbag ($217 Value)

To Enter: Click This

Goodluck Everyone!

Giveaway: Ivory & Moss (Winner's Choice of Shoes)

From: Mint Green With Envy

Ivory & Moss is a wonderful etsy shop with the cutest handmade shoes around. They also carry their handmade hair clips, and bonnet hats. Thanks to Ivory & Moss, Mint Green With Envy readers have a chance to win any pair of Ivory & Moss shoes they choose.

One winner will receive their choice of Ivory & Moss Shoes ($40 Value)


Goodluck Everyone!

Giveaway 30 Days - Mommy Necklace - Day 1

Join this giveaway in order to win

"A Mommy Necklace"
This Mommy Necklace,
handmade in the U.S.A., is great for nursing moms because the strands
don't pinch, the beads are smooth enough to be handled by their babies,
and the necklace as a whole is very durable!
This giveaway is open worldwide - anyone can enter as long
as they are legally entitled to do so.


Goodluck Everyone!

Namaste Monroe Bag Review + Giveaway

TheShoppingMama is having a great giveaway! Read this article to be able to know how to enter.

From The Shopping Mama:

Monroe Bag

Organize in style with the Monroe bag, featuring a unique 3-compartment storage design fully equipped with extra pockets and strong magnetized closures. This bag features a rear document pocket that’s excellent for toting your magazine or other important documents unharmed. Optional strap buddy to keep straps together so slippage off the shoulder isn’t an issue. You’re gonna love this bag!

From the moment I opened the box to check out the Monroe bag I was impressed. The bag arrived in a storage / protection bag, which marks its quality and makes it feel worth well above the price tag.

The Monroe bag comes in six colors ranging from black to hot pink. I opted for the Peacock – a beautiful greenish blue color. I wanted something bright and colorful to add a little fun to the classic lines of the bag.

Mama-Friendly Handbag

With its three separate compartments, the Monroe is perfect for mamas who want to organize all that stuff you can’t seem to leave the house without. I use one compartment for kid stuff like diapers and sippy cups, another for my stuff and the center area for stuff I want easy quick access to. The bag measures 5 inches wide, 11 inches tall, and 16 inches wide but is deceptively big on the inside. Seriously, even a pack rat will be able to tote all you need in this bag. I think it’s a good option for working mamas, too, since there’s so much organization and space inside the bag. It would even hold a mini laptop without problem.

I really like that I can carry a purse that holds everything I need for my kids without skimping on style. The clean lines of the Monroe bag are classic and the color is bright and bold. It’s really a fun bag to carry.

Bags & Accessories

Namaste bags are a great balance of style and necessary function. In addition to handbags, Namaste offers great accessories for inside your bag like a wallet, buddy case and mini clutch.

To Buy or Not to Buy

To Buy… The Monroe bag seems and feels like it costs well above the $85 price tag. The construction is top notch, the bag is stylish and with oodles of storage and room, it’s big enough for mamas lugging kid and baby gear. At the same time, because of the streamlined and modern look you don’t feel like you’re dragging around a giant bag.

Or Not to Buy… My only improvement to Namaste bags would be to add more handbags to the collection. Right now there are only 4 to pick from.

Shop! The Monroe Bag is available in six fun colors and costs $85. All Namaste bags and accessories can be purchased at NamasteInc.com or search for a local retailer.

Win! Your Choice of Handbag from Namaste!

How to Enter: CLICK THIS

Goodluck Everyone!

EDITING is love.. ♥

I really love editing. When I started being curious with some edited pictures, I began to make some of my own. Since I am only a beginner here are some of my works I have done.

My facebook friend Rinalyn : I love her photography.

My facebook friend Ayu : I just like her pictures so I made this one for her.
Ex PBB Teen Clash Housemate YEN SANTOS : love her all the way!

FEED YOUR MIND : I just did this for our pc wallpaper haha :)

RIZAL : This is the name of my section when I was in my 4th yr ..

Yaah.. Exactly.. I'm inlove.. haha

And this is me. I'm just inspired doing this stuffs. I love it!

For those who loves editing like me, this will be one of our inspirations and passion.

I will be posting some more pictures when I edit again. By the way, I used Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended for these pictures.

Thanks again! - k8

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

~Diaper Bag and Bag Clip Giveaway~

Exciting News! Bear Hugs Baby is having a giveaway sponsored by Bag Lady's Boutique - make sure to check them out for backpacks, diaper bags, and tote bags!

Black and White Gingham Photo Frame Diaper Bag (from Bag Lady's Boutique)
  • 15.5 x 11 x 4.5 inches
  • Five photo frame pockets are on front
  • Open top pocket on each edge
  • Zippered pocket with flower pull on back
  • Main compartment has snap closure
  • Three open top pockets inside
  • One zippered pocket inside
  • Includes fold out changing pad
  • Removeable black and white polka dotted bow
  • Black and white polka dot straps have 10 inch drop
  • Black and white checked gingham plaid fabric
  • Valued at $39.99

Black and White Cane Glass Bag Clip (from Creations by Oh! Kari!)
  • Made with silver-tone wire, glass beads, and cane glass
  • Perfect to attach to a bag, backpack, or zipper
  • Valued at $11.99

Here's how to enter - CLICK THIS

Goodluck Everyone!

Fleur De Lis Creation Thank You Giveaway!

Fleur De Lis Creation has so many nice and beautiful jewelries.
So now they are having a great giveaway!

1st draw
Costume made Sterling Silver Clustered Bracelet (you can pick what color you want)
with two Bare Minerals Foundation and one Bare Mineral Veil

2nd Draw

One customize I love Paris Necklace (You can pick the 16" or 18" and the pendant color)
Two Bare Mineral Foundation and One Mineral Veil

3rd Draw
One Pair Of Kiss Earrings
One Bare Minerals Foundation and One Mineral Veil

To be able to ENTER: CLICK THIS

Goodluck Everyone!