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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pam Robinson of cooljewelrydesign + Giveaway!

From: Jewerly by Solange

Introdcing Pam Robinson of cooljewelrydesign

How did you come up with the name of your shop?

Several years ago I sold sterling silver jewelry...I would hunt down quirky and elegant pieces. Often I was asked from people who knew I was in the jewelry biz: "what kind of jewelry do you sell" My response was always, without blinking... "cool." My business name at that time was actually cooljewelry. When I began making it myself, "that" name was taken here at Etsy, and so I had to add "design" at the end. (There are several variations of this name "out" there...but I am all lower case and run together.)
Tell us a little about your craft –What do you do/make?

I refer to my personal style as eclectic edgy “random chaos” and I craft OOAK (one of a kind) jewelry very similar to how I cook—the recipe is often tweaked to the point of no recipe being followed—therefore, a very intuitive process. I love to work with color and texture and enjoy pairing the most unusual suspects together, often in an asymmetrical style.
When and how did you start creating?

About 3 years ago I enthusiastically attended what I hoped would be a really great beginner class. It morphed into nothing but a coffee klatch and so I decided to teach myself.
Did someone teach you?
Just me
What is the most difficult part of your craft?
Applying the brakes when it comes to making final color choices. (you would have to live inside my head to understand perhaps)
Tell us about your workspace-Where do you create?
Finally about 3 months ago I had a sitting room converted into a studio—still unorganized. But I have a killer 1890’s Belgian chest where “most” of my stuff can reside.
Where do you find your inspiration?
I love to color and texture match on sunny days, allowing the natural light to guide me. The actual stones, beads, and findings inspire me—they even YELL sometimes…”hey, look at ME!”
Do you have a favorite item in your shop that you just can’t bear to part with?

I “did” have a favorite bracelet and so it’s among my “inactive” items…I may drag it back into the shop in the fall.
What has been your best marketing technique?
In person: do not try to over-sell; people really know what they want. Otherwise, I don’t have one particular marketing technique—I do the social networking and just hope I am not bugging the life out of people. Planning to offer a really “sweet” deal to past clients in the form of a “private” sale, not Etsy-wide.
What’s your supply addiction?
Hands down…lampwork and really cool clasps.
hat other hobbies/crafts do you enjoy?
Traveling, cooking
Is there a craft that you'd love to learn?
I would sooo love to learn some aspects of metal smithing…was just thinking about that on the way to work. (Maybe in my next life)
hat are some of your favorite things to do outside of etsy?
Hang out with friends, movies, Criminal Minds
Tell everyone a random fact about you:
I love animals and also psycho killer shows like Criminal Minds…I want to come back in the next life as a profiler (who makes jewelry, of course)!
Where can we find your work?
Esty: cooljewelrydesign & cooljewelryjr
ICraft: cooljewelrydesign
ArtFire: cooljewelrydesign
Facebook (FAN page is under “Account” top right…. cooljewelrydesign and cooljewelryjr): coolerstuff
Blog (come and visit—I need friends and need to work on the blog): cooljewelrydesign


This Giveaway is opened WORLWIDE / all ages & will start June 1 2010 & End on June 15th @ 12noon Est Time.

Pam from cooljewelrydesign has decided to award 1 LUCKY WINNER a Mainstram type of Necklace called "SALUTE"

($39.00 Value)

To enter: Click This

Goodluck Everyone!

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